UTMB Training No 29 – Thursday Parker No 8

The moment I started the run up the hill in that morning heat I knew there is no chance for me to keep running all the way to the top. Clearly it is time to practice the power hiking for UTMB climbs …

I jogged in easy steady pace the first 2km or so up the hill. Then I had to switch to power hiking mode. It was really hot. However once I got under the tree cover the temperatures became rather bearable. But once I started walking it was really tough to switch back to running. So I continued walking but in quite fresh pace.

Last week I had to skip the Mt Butler extra and the return trip to the radar. Today with the easier pace it seemed doable again. I struggled a bit on the run up to the next radar, I only made it only 2/3 up and then walked up the rest.

Jog back down to the foot of Butler was fine. I climbed up rather easy in a decent pace. I felt like I have enough energy to go back up to the radars. Unfortunately I did not have time as work was calling and the slower pace meant that I simply had to run back down to the city. The other issue was that I did not have enough water for the extra 3km up and down the hill. So note to myself – while it this hot have to pack either extra water or carry the LifeStraw.

While this was tough workout I definitely felt better than last week.

Link to Strava here.

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