UTMB Training No 33 – Thursday Parker No 9

OK, this was a crappy one… My Wednesday ended with suffering the consequence of some food poisoning probably from lunch. I did not have much sleep and by morning my body was quite dehydrated and not exactly in tip top condition. I still decided to go for my Thursday Mt Parker routine. But I knew that my pace and form will be dictated by my bowels and stomach.

I started jogging slowly towards Mt Parker Rd. All was quite OK so I continued my slow run up the hill. I managed to keep on running for a bit more than 1km up the hill. After that all I could do was to walk up. I could handle quite fast power hiking pace but there was no way I could run. I made it all the way up. I skipped the radar to radar dash this time and started the jog back to Quarry Bay. The moment I started the downhill run my stomach and stuff began to protest. I worked out some pace and stride that kept my bowels relatively calm and kept on going. Eventually I safely made it back down to the city.

With the benefit of hindsight I probably should have skipped this one or perhaps go in the evening instead. Not the best running experience…

Link to Strava here.

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