UTMB Training No 35 – Sunday recovery jog

I felt my legs a bit after the Mac adventure yesterday but overall I felt OK and keen to get out. As it was my easy jog day my son joined me too.

Plan was to do roughly around 12km – up the road to Cecil’s Ride, jog towards Mt Parker Rd, hike up to Quarry Gap and ran back the same way.

It was pretty stuffy and hot so we decided to take it easy. Walk the uphills, jog the rest but switch to power hike here and there. Sunday trail fun.

The rain was hanging in the air all the time. When it came we were close to the end of the trail part of our jog. It became dark like if it was evening and the rain was a proper tropical downpour. We had great fun running in the suddenly cool air and through all the water puddles. After hearing some thunder we changed our route down to the city and used the less exposed option. Really great ending to fun Sunday run.

Link to Strava here

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