UTMB Training No 37 – Thursday Parker No 10

I felt great on three consecutive runs and this streak had to come to an end some day. I actually felt great as I was starting this run too. But the moment I started o push up the Mt. Parker Road I knew that today will be a struggle.

After about 50 meters I saw a group of people staring at the hill side and taking some pics. So I looked up too to see two massive wild boars. It was not the first time I saw them here so I just nodded to the excited shouts “look, pigs!” from the bystanders and kept on running up.

I hoped to keep running at least to Quarry Gap before switching to uphill walk but this morning the heat got me after about a kilometer of uphill running. My legs felt weak all of a sudden. I switched to fast walk. I tried to push to make sure there is not that much pace difference between slow uphill jog and fast uphill walk. It was not walk in the park… I am pretty sure that all this weakness was caused by the heat that was probably stronger than it initially felt. I still made it all the way up. The run down was not my fastest ever but at least I gradually found some confidence in my legs. That allowed me to run down in reasonable pace.

Even though this was relatively slow session with lots of walking I can feel in my legs that it was a good workout in the morning heat.

Link to Strava here

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