UTMB Training No 39 – Longer Sunday run

Saturday did not go according to plan. But the overnight storms cleared the air and even brought temporarily the temperatures down. As there was not much to recover from I went for a longer run instead of my usual recovery Sunday jog.

At the time when I strated (around 10am) the conditions were great for running. I jogged up to Cecil’s Ride and did not even need to stop at my usual cool down water pipe before Mt. Parker Road. Once on the road I continued up in fast hiking mode all the to the radar at Mt. Parker. I made the quick dash to the other radar before running back down to Quarry Gap. Here took the steps up to Mt. Butler, turned around and ran down to Tai Tam and towards Parkview. By the time I made it to the reservoirs I could feel the air is heating up a bit. It was also much more stuffy than an hour earlier.

At Parkview I made quick stop to refuel at the supermarket and then continued down to Wong Nai Chung and onto the contour trail towards Mt. Butler Road and Cecil’s Ride again. The conditions were a bit tougher now but still quite runable. I had quite a bit of ballast on my back (testing new pack for UTMB and getting used to running with weight again) so I did not really run on the uphill sections. But all the rest was quite fresh pace in these summer conditions.

All went without any problems until may be 100m from the road at the end of the trail. I was running down the steps when I heard loud “woof”. One large wild pig ran to the left side of the trail, three piglets to the right. Continuing and getting in between the mum and the little ones was not something I wanted to do. So I made few steps back up the steps to watch and wait for the big one to rejoin the little ones. Slowly the big boar made it out of the bushes, sniffing and looking up towards me while slowly crossing the trail. After few minutes I could see all four of them making their way up the slope under the tree cover away from me. It is amazing how often I have encountered wildlife right on the edge of the city. This happened maybe 200 meters from school…

Overall a decent run with some elevation – at least some compensation for the lost Saturday.

Link to Strava here.

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