UTMB Training No 41 – Thursday Parker No 11

Night heat last night was not a problem, the day heat this morning was quite different story. I started jogging up the road. Unfortunately I ended up in the hottest time of my run on the hottest section of the route. I could feel that I am using up way too much energy running up. So after about 1.5km I switched to fast hike instead. That helped. I cooled down at the pipes at the side of the road – that helped too. Then I realized that as I was getting higher up the road the heat was not that bad and then in the shadow it actually felt quite comfortable. Unfortunately it was really tough to switch back to running up the hill again. All I could do was to speed up the hike pace and push all the way to the top. Soon quite unexpectedly came some rain that very quickly turned into proper rainstorm. The road turned into river.  Within few minutes  I was ankle deep in water at places.

At the top I wasted no time and decided to run to the other radar. For the first time in weeks my legs were good for proper run all the way the other radar. I felt really good and rejuvenated – I was keen on adding Butler ascent to this by now very wet run. Unfortunately that sudden rainstorm turned into proper thunderstorm. When I heard few cracks of thunder I decided to play smart and run directly all the way down to the town.

Today it started tough but I was really happy to see again that a change of weather for better (cooler) results in very quick recovery for me. Good fun morning out.

Link to Strava here

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