UTMB Training No. 44 – Tuesday road – the Frantic version

I did not have the best day in work and I decided to go for some Metallica treatment on the way home. Frantic album seemed to be the best for the mood I was in. It worked magically. Half the first song in I was all pumped up for my run. And I decided for the first time any many months to run with music. At the beginning of the run I set the player to beginning of the album again and off I was.

I started a bit later than usual. It was hot but somehow really runable – probably the humidity was not as high as it can be during summer. I had Frantic Messrs Hetfield and Ulrich pacing me with their music and when the watch beeped 1km at the end of the road climb I realized I am half minute faster than my usual summer pace.

I felt pretty good despite the heat so with sound of St. Anger in my ears I kept on pushing. I was expecting to blow up soon as it often happens when I go too fast too soon in hot conditions. But it did not happen. I enjoyed this run like I would do in the cool months. Not that long ago I struggled badly in the heat and barely finished this run in an hour and 10 minutes, this time I got very close to sub one hour time. Really happy with tonight’s run.

I also got a bit lucky because not long after I made it back home a proper thunderstorm hit the town – would not want to be caught up in that sort of fireworks during the run.

Link to Strava here

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