UTMB Training No 45 – Thursday Parker No 12

Same as last week I tried to run up from the bottom but the morning heat was just too much. I felt OK overall but had to slow down and switch to fast hike after about kilometer and half. It does not bother me too much though as this is how I will be scaling the mountains during UTMB. Conditions got a bit more bearable higher up the hill.

There was a boar somewhere in the vegetation next to the trail. I could not see it but I could hear and smell it there. Neither of us was keen on face to face meeting so I kept on going my way.

I made it all the way up without any issues in decently fast hiking pace. I was drinking quite a lot though. I was not sure if I would have enough water to do the radar to radar and Mt Butler extras that I planned to add. But I still went for the radar extra and managed to run it all (same as last week in the rain). That was a good sign.

When I got back down to the Mt Butler junction I decided to give it a go. I had enough water to survive the climb and in the worst case I could handle the final 3km downhill without drinking.

The Butler climb was a bit tough in that heat but not too bad. The bushes around the trail were full of sounds of life – birds, lizards and at least one snake. Lively morning this was.

After getting up to the top of Butler I turned around and jogged down the steps and then ran back down to the city. Decent Thursday morning hilly work out in the morning heat.

Link to Strava here

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