UTMB Training No 47 – Sunday recovery (in the heat again)

I really felt my legs this morning after the Tai Mo Shan thing yesterday. It was not easy at all to get out of the bed and run. The good thing was I had more sleep, the bad thing was that when I finally made it out of the house the sun was blazing full power again …

I did more less the same thing as last Sunday. Easy jog up the road towards Cecil’s. Then hike up the steps to the trail and run … I did run part of the steps though too. There was a boar or few in the bushes and the noise was suggesting it (or they) may be getting closer to the trail. I did not feel like I want our paths to cross so I injected some pace to my tired legs 🙂 .

After this it was uneventful run. I jogged easily all the way towards the Mt Parker Road with only one or two short walking sections (slightly uphill trail or too exposed on the sun). Of course I also paused at the water pipe to cool my head down.

Then I easy walked up to the radar at top of Mt Parker. Uphill workout was not the plan so I just walked without pushing. All I wanted was to enjoy that long and easy downhill jog from the radar to Quarry Bay.

Hot Sunday morning but very enjoyable recovery jog/hike.

Link to Strava here.

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