UTMB Training No 5 – Thursday Parker No 2

Weather was quite pleasant this morning. Not too hot and the humidity was reasonably not too high (about 78%). I warmed up a bit jogging towards Mt. Parker Road. Because of the fine weather the plan was to run all the way up non stop again.

I will probably change the approach to these Thursday runs as it gets hotter (push hard first 3km then switch to power hike for last 1.5km) but for now it is reasonable pace all the way. My legs are still getting used to the training but they handled it today pretty well. Although the not so blistering pace obviously helped I ran up to the radar without any struggles, I even tried to push a bit harder towards the end.

After a brief pause at the top I turned around and jogged down to Quarry Bay. Really enjoyable morning run today.

Link to Strava here.

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