UTMB Training No 6 – Wilson and Twins

I don’t like the Twins at and that was one of the reasons I decide to tackle them this Saturday as my longish hillish run. Plan was to go over Siu Ma Shan and Jardines Lookout to Parkview, then Violet, Twins and back to Parkview. After that to run back either over Jardines and Siu Ma Shan or around on the contour trail or combination of both.

The weather was funny – overcast, bit windy, humid. And it was hot but the thanks to the wind the heat was not that obvious.

I jogged up easy to the Cecil’s Ride and without too much effort climbed over Siu Ma Shan. Jardines felt fine too and soon I was at Parkview feeling pretty well actually. I bumped into Santosh there – exchanged few words and went on towards Violet Hill.

I felt quite well,  I reached the top quickly and then enjoyed the windy run down towards the catchwater. I was still feeling great climbing the first Twin but perhaps two thirds up I began to struggle. My momentum kind of carried me to the top but the second Twin was no fun at all. All of a sudden I felt so exhausted … I started to think that I may not make the return trip and would catch a bus or taxi back from the Stanley side…

At the end I had enough mental strength to turn around climb the Twins again but it felt worse than climbing Tai Mo Shan during HK100. I suspected the sneaky heat was the main reason of my struggle. I decided to go slowly, don’t care about the pace, just get it done and make it at least to Parkview.

Violet Hill felt a bit better but I had to stop at Parkview. I went to supermarket there to get some cold drinks but those helped me just to jog down to Wong Nai Chung Gap to the bus stop. Further run was out of the question.

So disappointing day but good reminder to myself that summer is here…

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