UTMB Training No 8 – Tuesday night road

This was a run to unknown. After the weekend runs I had some pain in the hip area although by Monday evening it seemed the origin of the pain is not the hip but the lower back. I felt much better by the time I was heading out for this run though. The weather was surprisingly cool for this time of year – much cooler than week ago.

I started slowly but after first few hundred meters I decided to push a bit till the end of the first uphill. When I saw time 6:19 at the top of hill after 1km it was pretty poor return on the effort. As usual I hoped to stretch my legs and go faster (sub 5min pace) on the following downhill bit. However a weird feeling in the left calf changed my mind. I took it easier making sure I don not end up with some stupid injury. So I basically just let the gravity to carry me forward for the time being. That weird feeling disappeared on the next uphill but I still took the following downhill easy to prevent some mishap…

After that all went fine for the reminder of the Tai Hang Road section. I was OK to push reasonably fast on Bowen Road. I consider any run under 1 hours as a speedy run. But given the circumstances, the calf management 1:02.40 was still OK. About 5 mins faster than last week with much less effort – although I am sure that the weather played big part in pace difference. If I keep around this pace for the rest of the summer training especially on the hotter days I will be pretty satisfied.

Link to Strava here.

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