UTMB Training No 9 – Thursday Parker No 3

The weather is still relatively cool for this time of the year. So mentally I am still OK to run all the way up.

I planned to extend these runs from today. I jogged up to the radar. No issues at all. Without any pause I turned around at the radar gate and jogged down and then up to the next radar. There I needed to catch my breath a bit but that I could do while jogging down too. At Quarry Gap I went straight up to Mt. Butler. It has been a while since the last time I climbed Butler from this side … Up at the top I took short drink break and then quickly jogged back down to Quarry Gap and back up to Mt. Parker.

By now I was starting to feel my legs a bit so this second ascent to Parker was a mix of running and power hiking. At the top I turned around and ran down all the way back to Quarry Bay.

Overall solid midweek training run, happy with how it went.

Link to Strava here

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